When to Book a Hotel to Get the Best Price

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When to Book a Hotel to Get the Best Price

Whenever I plan a trip somewhere, it feels “official” once I book the flights, train tickets or rental car, but I’m never quite sure when to book a hotel. Should I do it as far ahead of time as possible to secure the best deal? Or should I wait until I’m actu…

These Are The Best and Worst Airports For Finding Cheap International Flights

Living in the Bay Area, I’m lucky enough to have three relatively close airports to choose from when planning a trip. Both the San Francisco and Oakland airport are roughly a 20-30 minute drive from my house depending on the time of day, and if I need to I ca…

New Video Shows How Humanity Could Spread Throughout the Galaxy

A fascinating competition to devise an efficient way of colonizing the galaxy has resulted in this beautiful—and provocative—visualization. Read more…

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