Use MSG to Improve Airplane Food

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Use MSG to Improve Airplane Food

Mentally, flying is not an issue for me. It’s the physical aspects of being hurled through the air at many miles per hour that I find upsetting. Even if you don’t experience sinus pressure or motion sickness, sitting in a loud plane can alter the way you perc…

How to Get What You Want From Airlines

Everyone has at least one story of a flight that was not great. You sat on the tarmac for hours only to return to the terminal. Your flight got suddenly, inexplicably canceled. Your plane was delayed by another hour, every hour on the hour, leading to a near …

Tumi hardside luggage is on sale on Amazon: Save $206 on a new carry-on

TL;DR: This high-end hardside suitcase makes a great carry-on, and you can get it from Amazon today for just $469 — 31% off its suggested retail price. With Prime Day officially over, Amazon wants to send you off in style. The retail giant is currently featur…

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