These Are the Best Airports in the United States

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These Are the Best Airports in the United States

Anyone that’s done much traveling can tell you the airports you fly to and from (and through) can often make or break your travel experience. I’ve been known to intentionally book slightly longer travel days in order to avoid a connection in a terrible or com…

How to Protect Yourself From Online Travel Scams When Booking Flights

If you find a good deal for a flight on an unfamiliar booking website, don’t press the “check out” button just yet. This week, one family shared their experience booking a flight through a website claiming to be affiliated with Delta, which turned out to be a…

8 of the best travel pillows in the UK

The worst part about travelling is… well, travelling. Nobody likes to spend hours sitting in a cramped space in between two strangers with little to no leg room. In fact, if you think about it, every flight or bus ride is the worst way to begin and end just…

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